Bazta Arpaio

Until we end Arpaio's rule

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Volunteer for the Get Out the Vote Final Blitz

(650) 617-6154 or…

Text “BAZTA” to 33888 to Sign-Up

Or visit us at the Bazta Arpaio office,
1939 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85009

We Won’t Take Any More Abuse

150 deaths in Arpaio’s jail,
guilty of racial profiling,

20 years of tent city.

Enough is enough.


$140 million in lawsuits
and counting

We can’t afford another day of Arpaio.

The People vs. Arpaio


I’ve been fighting against Arpaio since 2007. I’ve seen how his abuse of power destroys families and with the Bazta Arpaio Campaign we are going to take him down and create a better Arizona for Latinxs people.

Ernesto Lopez

29, Lead Organizer with the Bazta Arpaio Campaign

I am undocumented organizer with bAzta Arpaio campaign. Although I have DACA, which protects me from deportation, my parents continue to live in fear of deportation and family separation. I will not let Arpaio's hateful practices continue for another term. Enough of Arpaio!

Norma Jimenez

23, Organizer with Bazta Arpaio Campaign

I joined the fight to kick Arpaio out of office because it’s not right that families have to live in fear due to his policies and practices that are built from hate.

Elisa Avalos

18, Organizer with Bazta Arpaio Campaign

There is an epidemic of the normalization of hate speech like Arpaio’s that we have to change. We the people have the power, have the voice and now we are deciding what is going to be done for us and not to us.

Franco Hernandez

31, Organizer with Bazta Arpaio Campaign

Arpaio started to hunt us because of the color of our skin and now is the time to end his reign of injustices and humiliations.

Maria Rodriguez

39, Bazta Arpaio Campaign Organizer

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End Arpaio’s Rule, Prevent Trump’s Rise

Arpaio’s approval rating is at the lowest point of his career.

A recent poll showed that 57% of Maricopa County voters view the Sheriff unfavorably.

He’s not anyone’s champion. He’s out-of-touch.

The Time is Now






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